My passion for pumpkins

My passion for pumpkins

As has been the case for most mornings this month, my day has started with a hot drink in my favourite corner of the living room, looking at my autumnal fireplace display. As an early lockdown project, a previously white mantle received a vibrant coat of glossy blue paint and boy does it make autumnal colours really sing.  Complete with fairy lights (as it is often still dark at that time), it is the most cheerful way I know of starting the day.

What I find fascinating is how many different varieties of pumpkins there are and how beautiful they are all. Equally fascinating is how something as simple as a pumpkin can give so much pleasure. We went to our first pumpkin farm this year and what I loved was not only watching how happy other people's toddlers were in discovering the various pumpkins scattered throughout the field, but also how happy my own family was, which includes two teenage daughters. Which means my decorative displays at home starring our slightly excessive number of pumpkins we collected that day gives me even more pleasure.

However, with tomorrow morning being the first of November, I am left with two dilemmas. Is that too early to replace my autumnal offerings with a more festive touch, and will my shiny blue mantle clash with the soft, muted hues of glistening eucalyptus leaves and snow tipped branches? I suspect my next lockdown project will involve another tin of paint.

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